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HSE enforcement and Coronavirus

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The HSE have made a statement regarding regulating occupational health and safety during the Coronavirus COVID 19 outbreak. The statement gives clear information on how they will be operating during these troubled times. To be clear, the exact statement is as follows.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has taken action to ensure that their important role continues effectively as the COVID-19 situation unfolds.

HSE recognises the threat presented by COVID-19 to industry,  staff and the broader community and in recognition of this, they have transitioned their workforce to operate remotely.  HSE’s staff and inspectors remain contactable and continue to engage with duty holders and other stakeholders with teleconferencing.

Despite the demanding circumstances, compliance with occupational health and safety legal requirements remains with duty holders and HSE will continue its regulatory oversight of how duty holders are meeting their responsibilities.

The HSE’s regulatory approach will take a flexible and proportionate account of the risks and challenges arising from the pandemic.  

The HSE will endeavour to undertake regulatory activities which do not require site visits as normally as possible.

The HSE will, across all sectors, continue to investigate work-related deaths, the most serious major injuries and dangerous occurrences and reported concerns from the workforce or the public.  Where people are being exposed to risks from work activities the HSE will still take action to secure compliance with the law. They will conduct as much of our investigation activity using technology as possible, without compromising the collection of evidence.

And finally, the HSE will do as much of our regulatory intervention work as we can remotely, but we will still mobilise to the site, including offshore, where it’s necessary.  Where a site visit is required social distancing guidelines will be followed.

The HSE will keep the situation under review and updates will be communicated to duty holders via the HSE website.  Full details can be found on the HSE website and the link is in the download area on your ProTrainings dashboard.