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First Aid Provision - First Aiders in the Workplace

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Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999

Risk Assessment for Health and Safety

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 mandate employers to assess risks to their employees' health and safety and determine necessary preventive measures.

Information from these assessments helps in evaluating first aid needs in case preventive measures fail.

Determining First Aid Requirements

Identifying potential accident scenarios aids in determining the type, quantity, and location of first aid equipment, facilities, and personnel required.

First aid provision should be adequate for all circumstances, regardless of workforce size or operational risk levels.

Special Considerations for Various Work Situations

Employers are responsible for ensuring first aid cover for employees working away from the main site, including those who travel or work remotely.

Remote area considerations: Employees in remote areas may require personal first aid kits or special arrangements for communication and transport in emergencies.

Multi-site and multi-floor buildings: Additional provisions may be necessary based on the size and layout of premises to ensure quick access to first aid facilities.

Shared and Multi-Occupied Sites

On shared sites, employers can collaborate to provide adequate first aid cover for all workers, ensuring a full exchange of information on hazards and risks involved.

Written agreements between employers are recommended to clarify responsibilities and arrangements.

Continuous Provision and Review

Employers must ensure continuous first aid provision, covering planned absences (e.g., annual leave) and unplanned absences (e.g., sick leave).

Reviewing first aid needs: Regular reviews, especially after operational changes, help ensure provisions remain appropriate.

Equipment and Facilities

Employers must provide suitable first aid materials, equipment, and facilities in accessible locations across all work sites.

The minimum requirement is a properly identified and stocked first aid container appropriate to the specific work environment.