Health and Safety in the Workplace Level 2 (VTQ)

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Employer Duties Under COSHH

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The HSE state that employers include contractors, sub-contractors and self-employed people. Self-employed people have the duties of employers and employees except for the regulations relating to monitoring and health surveillance. 

Employers’ duties are defined by the HSE and they state that employers should establish procedures to ensure that control measures, including items of personal protective equipment and any other item, are properly used or applied and are not made less effective by other work practices or by improper use. 

The HSE state that procedures should include:

(a) Visual checks and observations at appropriate intervals of all tasks that involve any substance covered by COSHH 

(b) Provide PPE where needed that fits the user in accordance with the manufacturer and replace it promptly when needed 

(c) Ensuring that where more than one item of PPE is being worn, the different items are compatible with each other 

(d) Supervising employees to ensure that the defined methods of work are being followed 

(e) Prompt remedial action where necessary. 

(f) Monitor health and offer appropriate medical care.