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Parking safety

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Parking and leaving in your car can result in accidents. Reversing your car takes more concentration than driving into or out of a space so many workplaces have a reverse park policy. The idea is that in the morning you are more alert so it's best to do the harder thing of reversing into your parking space. When you are tired or maybe when it is dark at the end of the day it is best to simply drive out of your space.

When you are parking in a car park space, make sure you do so carefully. Look out for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. Sometimes a cyclist could be coming very fast or maybe on a pavement. It may not be your fault that an accident could happen but by being observant and acting quickly, you could prevent one.

A good way of keeping safe is to look out the whole time, expect the unexpected, keep your eyes and ears open for potential problems or injuries and look out for potential problems or injuries within the workplace.

One car park in a workplace may be completely different to someone else’s. There may be special rules so every time you end up anywhere there are vehicles, have a good look around for any warning signs and make sure you follow any workplace procedures and follow the direction of travel.

The HSE suggest that parking areas should be clearly signposted, firm, level and well drained. Where possible the area should be well lit and as near to the Workplace as possible. Where the parking is on a slope, you should park facing up or down the slope, never sideways and ensure the handbrake is applied and where possible, left in gear.