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Employee Duties Under COSHH

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Understanding Employee Responsibilities for Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) outlines specific duties for employees in the workplace to ensure compliance with safety regulations. These responsibilities are crucial for maintaining a safe working environment.

Main Duties of Employees

Employees have five principal duties:

  1. Co-operation: Work with employers to meet safety obligations, such as following procedures to minimise risk exposure.
  2. Use and Report on Control Measures: Properly utilise control measures, including PPE, and report any defects.
  3. Equipment Management: Return equipment to designated storage and report defects immediately.
  4. Health Monitoring: Attend medical examinations when required and provide necessary health information to medical inspectors.
  5. Incident Reporting: Report any incidents that may have released a biological agent causing severe human disease.

Detailed Breakdown of Employee Duties

  • Utilising Control Measures: Use provided control measures for materials, plant, and processes.
  • Adhering to Work Methods: Follow established work methods.
  • PPE Management: Wear PPE correctly as per manufacturer's instructions and store it in the provided accommodation when not in use.
  • Hygiene Practices: Maintain high personal hygiene standards, using provided facilities for washing and eating.
  • Defect Reporting: Promptly report any defects in control measures or PPE to the appointed person, such as a foreman, supervisor, or safety representative.