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Information Governance

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Information governance is the framework for handling information in a secure and confidential manner to quality and ethical standards. It is an umbrella term that encompasses confidentiality, data protection, Caldicott guidance, data quality, records management, information security and Freedom of Information.  In any workplace, you need to ensure that any records are kept and managed in the correct manner to ensure security and confidentially.

We are going to look at the general guidelines but you need to ensure that you follow your workplace policies and procedures on how these guidelines are being applied.
Correct data handling is not difficult to manage but you do need to take care and think about possible problems before data is compromised.   Information governance tells us how we work with people to obtain information, what information we record about them and how we use the information. 

Good information governance is integral to good professional practice and not an abstract notion or an addition to the work we do. Good information governance ensures that information, whether personal or organisational, is fit for purpose, received, held and communicated securely and confidentially. It also ensures that it is used appropriately, effectively and responsibly.