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Care Home Evacuation

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Evacuation Procedures in Care Homes and Hospitals

Care Homes

In care homes, evacuating individuals with mobility issues or medical conditions requires careful planning and execution.

Evacuation Policies

Every care home has specific evacuation policies in place, including:

  • Risk Assessments: Regular risk assessments determine evacuation procedures.
  • Training: Staff receive proper training on evacuation protocols.

Horizontal Evacuation

In some situations, such as a contained fire, a horizontal evacuation may be implemented:

  • Secure Movement: Individuals are moved towards the nearest emergency exit.
  • Stay within Safety: They remain in a secure area near an exit for quick evacuation.

Vertical Evacuation

If the situation worsens or additional assistance is needed, a vertical evacuation may be initiated:

  • Complete Evacuation: Individuals are safely evacuated from the building.
  • Assistance: Multiple staff members may be required to assist individuals, especially those who are bedridden.


It's crucial for care home staff to understand and follow evacuation policies:

  • Training and Practice: Staff should be familiar with evacuation procedures, responsible personnel, and alarm systems.
  • Execution: Staff must ensure the safe evacuation of residents, even if it requires assistance from multiple caregivers.


Hospitals have different evacuation procedures due to their infrastructure:

  • Wider Corridors: Hospitals typically have wider corridors and better exits for moving individuals.
  • Bed Evacuation: In hospitals, individuals may be evacuated while in their beds due to the larger space available.

Adhering to Precautions

Regardless of the setting, it's essential for workers to follow employer-established precautions:

  • Compliance: Adhere to evacuation protocols laid down by your employer.